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Things overheard at gigs

"I am so glad I came back. Your groove just kills me!

"I think I just became a fan"

"Your always better than I expected"


"You are a favorite, for sure"

"You hold the crowd"

"The PA travels well" (I think they mean't "clearly")

"...I told you they were good"

"Did you hear that band that just played? They were amazing"


"It's always busy when you guys are here"


"We planned our trip around your schedule"


"Sounds like you guys have been playing together for 20 years"

"Girls like to dance to DRTR"


Thank you so much. You'll be back"


"Your songs are not like I hear other bands doing... It's awesome and refreshing!"

"You got the right vibe."

"Your BIG in San Juan!"

"I just love you guys, you play so beautifully together."

"¡ pensé que era un tocadiscos !" (translate... "I thought it was a record player")

"We were planning on leaving early before we got there, but you guys were so good we stayed for the third set"

"Your blend of music makes it hard to distinguish between your originals and cover tunes."

"You enjoy playing music together. It is infectious and draws us in!"

"It's cool how you engage the audience and also play so many originals!"


"You really got the groove"

"You got some nerve covering Tom Waits



"I never really understood Americana until I heard you"


"It sounds like more musicians playing then just you three"


"I love your music, your originals, and your group! Very unique..."

"They sound good! Know it is fun to go to a live concert.

"I like your sound"

"It is amazing to me how much sound you produce with just three guys"

"We're young, but we dig bands with soul. You sounded like somebody famous. You guys got soul" (Note: We can't make this stuff up... We play it as we hear it.)


"You guys were a nice surprise!"


"O 'oe ka mea ho'okani pila loea a me ka hoihoi"


"You guys sound better and better everytime I get to hear you. The vibe you guys create together is super cool! Keep on rocking!"


"A wonderful evening seeing friends and dancing to great music!"


"DRTR just never seems to have an "off" night. The talent they share and the fun they have on stage brings forth smiles, laughter, dancers swaying in sync."

"It was such a treat being out and about listening to your fun music!"


"My friends & I had a fabulous time. You sounded great! Can’t wait until the next time."

"You guys make people feel good."

"It WAS fantastic last evening. We're so glad to have heard DRTR, and now we'll be watching for you. Thank you!"


"You say Blues Americana, but I hear jazz too."

"You guys are quite user friendly"

"Refreshing new sounds!"

"Thanks for setting the mood"

"You guys are beautiful!"

(Note: They were not referring to our good looks...)

"I love your music, when are you coming back?"

"I just listened to you. You guys are fantastic!"

"You guys had a nice groove tonight"

"Love this group! You really should come and enjoy."

"Great show ...Awesome vibes"

"Love you guys. Thanks so much for the wonderful music!"

"They're cool cuz they're having fun"

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