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Bringing the Groove

We are DRTR. An innovative and nimble music trio that can read a room and provide the groove that is necessary without walking on guest conversations, but also ready to follow the toe tappers and provide an experience that will not disappoint.

Wine Farm

We had a fantastic time playing these fine venues in 2020!

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Imagine II.jpg
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Meet The DRTR Band

DR in repose - Left Coast.jpg

Dave Rogers

Keyboards, Percussion, & Vocals

Chill blowing harp II.jpg

Mike McDonough

Saxophone, Harmonica, & Vocals

Paint Air.jpg

TR Gregg

Guitar & Vocals

    From its inception, the DRTR music project has been solidly based in the joy of playing music. Their groove based stylings create an infectious rhythmic pulse.

    Their selection of music draws from Blues Americana influences such as Taj Mahal, T-Bone Walker, JJ Cale, Tom Waits, Fats Domino, Slim Galliard. The list goes on...

    Nearly a third of the DRTR lineup is interlaced with original singer-songwriter material injecting a delightful jazz influenced mix to round the musical experience.

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Square Stage

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